Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Click on a shirt to buy it

Jeff Pulver is quoted in Slate on the Google YouTube purchase, Vonage of TV?:
"Pulver believes that, in 2007, we'll see the rise of a new TV network that will eventually compete with the likes of NBC, ABC and CNN. He believes that this new TV network will be Web-based. And he hopes it will be

To that end, he is trying to aggregate high-quality Web episodic content. This content differs from clips you'll find on YouTube in that Pulver says he focuses on quality of the video and the production. He also lets users rate the shows. And he hopes to introduce more community and e-commerce features in the coming months: Eventually, advertisers might be able to do product placement with particular Web shows. And viewers might be able to click on a show character's shirt and buy it online."
The technology does exist for embedding links in video for allowing people to purchase products. I've got a link to one of those solutions back on my old computer in my saved mail folder. I was never interested in it.

Click Here to Buy
If you check out my recent movie, Orange Line, you'll see that along with the video I have links to purcahse the music that's playing in the video. That's one of the cool things about putting video in a blog. Each video gets a permanent link back to it and in that blog post you can have any supporting information you want like a description of the video, and explanation of how it was made, and links to whereever you want, including links to buy products seen in the video.

Link Back to the Permalink
That's another reason why it's important for desktop and web video aggregators to include a link back to the permalink of the blog post the video comes from. It's a great way to go back to the video and leave comments too.

Watch and Buy

Take a look at how they are combining purchase features with video over at dvestore. They have a video that expains how to use a product, and then just below the video, you've got a button to buy now. Thanks Anna for the link.

This way the video in the player can be independent of the buy now button. In this example it's QuickTime. You could use any type of video you want.

Buy Now. It's easier than getting in the car and driving to the store.

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