Wednesday, October 18, 2006

All video blogs are TV shows

Nicholas Reville - DEMOCRACY: INTERNET TV BLOG - Viewers don’t really care how it gets to them:
"Most people don’t care how TV gets to them or what channel it’s on, they just want to watch. If a show comes via cable or satellite or terrestrial broadcast or the internet or even DVD, it’s still a TV show. We don’t need a new term like ‘netcast’ for the same reason we don’t call satellite TV shows ’satcasts’. When we need to specify that a broadcast is internet based, we can say ‘internet TV’ the same way we would say ’satellite TV’ or ‘network TV’ or ‘cable TV’ or ‘pay-per-view’.

A side note: I think ‘video blog’ is a useful term for a specific type of internet-based video show. This is the same as any genre of show: all soap operas are TV shows but not all TV shows are soap operas. Similarly, all video blogs are TV shows, but not all TV is a video blog."
What’s coming in Democracy Player 0.9.1: Part 3
Web Page Link - Any video file that has an associated web page– usually a blog post or a page with more details about the video– now has a ‘WEB PAGE’ link that takes you to that page in your browser. This is especially useful for sites that allow comments on videos. Future versions of Democracy Player will let you display even more associated info about a video file, such as the full description, torrent stats, publisher name etc.
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