Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Vloggie Nominations

The Vloggies are being held in San Francisco on November 4th and I'll be there. It's going to be a big vlogger party.

Nominations are open until October 18th. Anyone can nominate anybody.

Please go over there and nominate some video blogs. I'm always looking for new vlogs to highlight on Vlog Soup and the Vloggies submission page is totally open for you to browse.

If you want some ideas on who to nominate, check out Vlog Soup and pic your favorites from there. I'm going to head on over and nominate a bunch of vlogs I've highlighted.

I nominated myself all over the place since this isn't Wikipedia you can do whatever you want.

In the Travel Vlog category I nominated The Carol and Steve Show - Episode 45: California - Wine Country because that's one of my all time favorite videos, and people have given me great feedback on that one.

And in the Cooking Vlog category I nominated The Carol and Steve Show: Episode 28 - Burgers and Beans, Part 2 because that was one video I did and made it look like a cooking show. the ironic thing is that screenshots of that episode were put into a book and used as an example of a cooking show. Ha ha.

For funniest video I nominated my mom, Millie Garfield, at 81 years young, is one of the internet's oldest bloggers and her video I Can't Open It IV.

Check out The Vloggies Blog for more info.

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