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Monday, October 30, 2006

Don't I Know You from the Internet?

Catherine Holahan takes a look at the current state of vlogging and money on I get mentioned:
Steve Garfield, one of the original video bloggers, is one of the online stars who gets paid to make appearances in the real world. Garfield now supports himself through video blogging, speaking engagements, consulting, and Web video production work—all bolstered by his online fame. His shows, including the Carol and Steve Show that he runs with his wife, receive more than a thousand hits per day. "I am not generating a ton of money off the advertising," says Garfield. "It is just something to cover the hosting fees. The speaking and consulting on video blogging complements it."
I'm glad there won't be a controversy with my numbers based on this article. If you head over to my vlog, my feedburner stats are right there and as of this posting, show a daily download rate of 1,252 per day. That doesn't take into account all the hits that Vlog Soup gets on it's own split out vlog. Statistics are all over the place. The feedburner stats don't even take into account page views.

This whole run to embrace statistics is troubling too since there is also value in brands, niches, engagement, and belonging.

A message to advertisers
Are you looking for 50,000 people who might care about your ad, or 5,000 who are engaged and targeted to your message?

And here I'm just talking about video views. There's also the publicity you get from connecting your brand with video blogging. Look at all the press Amanda Congdon generated? There's a value in that too.