Sunday, October 15, 2006

Broadcasting Live Video From a Cell Phone

Lost Remote TV Blog:
"Fox News had some of the first live video on the air from the scene of the NYC plane crash, thanks to a cell phone held by a Fox photographer. Turns out it was a Treo running CometVision software, which is set up to broadcast live video and audio with a touch of a button — even automatically alert newsroom staffers with an email."
The future is here.

Funny how just a few months ago I was imagining a future where you could post video to a blog from a cell phone. Now you can do that with a Nokia N93 and thier Lifeblog application. [I'm still waiting for TypePad to get this to work for me]

Then at VON I saw a company, TiVi, who was developing live streaming to a web page via a cell phone. Now Fox is broadcasting a live stream on TV from a cell phone.

Live is the new black in video over cell phones.

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  1. Anonymous12:00 PM

    I recall reading a post over a year, perhaps two years ago about BBC reporters using cell/video phones from the field. As memory serves the quality was rather good so why the slow adoption here in the States?

    -Quality not sufficient?

    On the Micro-Doc, production side I have been interested in the Nokia N90 (VHS quality) since it first came out and I had an opportunity to play with it. Problem is you cannot upload more then a couple of minutes of content and at a small resolution... I know the Telco's do not want people stressing their networks, same reason you are not allowed to use Verizon's wireless card to FTP.

    It will be interesting to see if the carriers scale up their networks to accommodate what I see as an soon to be explosion of user-gen content from cell phones...