Sunday, October 08, 2006

High Fidelity in Boston

Lowell Sun Online - 'High Fidelity' hits a high note in Boston:
"One of the best songs was 'Conflict Resolution,' where the record store clerks beat up Ian when he enters the shop, in a rock montage of Guns N' Rose, The Beastie Boys and gangsta rock."
Partway into the second act, this segment which was like a TiVo'd Groundhog Day, finaly gave the audience something to cheer about.

Man was that creative and funny. It really made the first act seem dreary. It was the typical boy gets girl, boy looses girl story up until then.

Terry Byrne of The Boston Herald says:
The best-developed characters are the people who hang out in the record store, including employees Dick (an affecting Christian Anderson) and Barry (Jay Klaitz, doing a great impersonation of Jack Black in the film)
Christian Anderson had a great duet with his love interest in the play that was so musical comedy corny that it was cute.

Jay Klaitz really nailed his Jack Black impersonation in the last song. I would have liked to have seen more moments like these in the first act. I'm not sure why they didn't use original rock tunes, but they need to do something to engage the audience. High Fidelity is no Mamma Mia. They weren't standing and cheering in the isles at the end of this one.

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