Sunday, October 08, 2006

The MIT Stata Center Series

Get your own PictoBrowser, click INFO & enter your Flickr user name.

You can choose from any of your Flickr photo sets. Once you open PictoBrowser, the number on the left side, pages down amongst your sets. I had to view source to be able to copy the HTML code to make this work. I also edited the width and height to make the player fit in the left hand column of my blog.

This is made by Diego Bauducco. Thomas Hawk is using it over here. I visited his site after watching him on Scoble's Show.

Kevin Dugan told him about it.

Hey Ravi, I think this is easy. It just took me a few minutes to do this. Plus, to add photos, all I have to do is drag a new photo into the Flickr set. It's sweet!


  1. I just added a ton of these to my sidebar. FUN!

  2. Very nice!