Sunday, October 15, 2006

Rally For Change Today!

Deval Patrick, Rally For Change:
"Campaigns for change can often have a defining moment: a moment where the politics of old—of divisiveness and fear—are exposed for what they are; a moment where people of all backgrounds come together to demand a new and better way; a moment where a candidate rises up and calls for change, a change people feel is necessary for all of us to move forward.

This Sunday, October 15, Massachusetts and this campaign will have such a moment, but only if you participate. It will be the same kind of moment we experienced last March, when 2,500 people jammed in and around Faneuil Hall.

Deval Patrick and Tim Murray call on anyone who is tired of the cynicism, the distortions, and the finger pointing, to join them at a rally for change.

They call on anyone who wants a more hopeful and purposeful government to join them at a rally for change...

They call on all of us to once again demonstrate the need for new leadership and change."

October 15 2006 2:30 PM

Location: Parkman Bandstand, Boston Common, near Tremont Street, Boston

See you there?

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