Sunday, October 01, 2006

Reinventing Television Starts Thursday at 10 PM

Reinventing Television Episode 1: The State of the Revolution. With Steve Garfield and Jason Dasilva:
"Anyone who doesn’t realize that television is in the midst of a revolution hasn’t been paying attention. The web is radically destabilizing traditional TV, along with providing many exciting opportunities. So it’s appropriate to take stock of the state of the revolution with the Paul Revere of video blogging, Steve Garfield, and a master of traditional film and TV production, Jason Dasilva. Join them, and me, Jonny Goldstein, in our first interactive hour long video conference talk show, Reinventing Television, to get news from the front line of the media revolution. You’ll be able to listen, view live video of the guests, and join the conversation via a live text chat. Tune in here, Thursday at 10PM Eastern time."
I'm going to be one of Jonny Goldstein's first guests on his new live internet TV show, Reinventing Television.

We're going to do a private test run of all the connections on Monday afternoon. All I need is a webcam.

I plan on hooking up my Canon GL/2, and using my studio lighting and broadcast quality microphone, so from my side they'll be getting a high quality feed.

It's good practice for when the networks start calling. Right Jeff?

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