Monday, October 09, 2006

Typeapd: Auto Discover Feedburner Feed

I've written before about how you need to change your code so that if you are using Feedburner for your RSS feed, the Feedburner feed will be auto discovered instead of the standard on that comes with your blog.

I hadn't changed my own TypePad blog yet so I just went over to my settings and saw a Feedburner feed option.

This is cool.

If you activate this feature, TypePad will redirect the standard TypePad feeds to your Feedburner feed.

Standard TypePad feeds:

So now, if you put any of these standard feeds in your browser, you'll see that they now redirect to my Feedburner feed.

I'll be interested to see how that effects my daily download count on Feedburner.

I am guess that the number will go up...

After I did this and refreshed by FireAnt video aggregator, a bunch of videos I had already watched were downloaded again.

I emailed Feedburner about it and got this response:
Looks like the feed items were updated as new once you tied in the source to us via the typepad integration. It is a one time thing and won't happen again. Good to know this happens though as we should let others know it will.
How about not updating the feed items as new?

Update II:
Just got off the phone with Rick from Feedburner. The refresh of old content might have been caused by adjusting the feed content over at Feedburner. So now I'm not sure what triggered the redownload. If you are a FireAnt user and change your feed, please let me know if you have old content downloaded again and we can report it to Fedburner.

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