Saturday, November 11, 2006

NY Times, Ze Frank and Ask A Ninja

Ze Frank, Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine, and some other guys are in the Sunday NY Times article by Matthew Klam, The Online Auteurs.

Kent says:
“Hollywood has tried to court us,” Nichols told me, “but Hollywood doesn’t understand that once you’ve self-distributed to a mass audience — and we’ve got an audience larger than a lot of cable shows — and they offer you $2,000 per episode, we’re like, ‘What are you talking about?’ We already have an established fan base. We can’t sign the idea away for low money. With 20 million-plus downloads over the last year, and a strong brand and a strong Web site, that’s crazy.”
Ze Frank says:
“We’re going through this really interesting period right now in terms of expression on the Internet,” Frank told me in September. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, and we were sitting in the dark basement of a Starbucks on Court Street in Brooklyn. “We’re having this revelation, this sense that everything’s changed. We have this new way of expressing ourselves, of releasing emotions, like, wait a minute, maybe we are all entertainers. But it’s still hard to pull off. We all have to work at it every day, and some are going to be better at this than others. Some are going to get hurt, and some are going to thrive.”

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  1. $2,000 per episode? Ummm. where do I sign?