Saturday, November 18, 2006

Gyroball is a joke

After reading the Boston Globe's Business section you'd think that Daisuke Matsuzaka really throws gyroball.

Kimberly Blanton writes, Japanese TV crews seek a home fit for a pitcher - The Boston Globe:
"This week, Red Sox management agreed to pay $51 million for the right to negotiate with Matsuzaka, whose signature pitch is the 'gyroball.'"

Jeff Passan has the real story, Searching for baseball's Bigfoot
The gyroball is baseball's version of alien life. No one knows if they've seen it. No one knows what it looks like. No one knows much about it. Except there's a small pocket of American fans who graze the Internet champing to see Matsuzaka, because they're all convinced that he throws a gyroball and they're all convinced it will revolutionize the sport.
Fact checking the Boston Globe so you don't have to. ;-)

How can Red Sox recoup investment in Matsuzaka?

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