Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wiki Cake is big news in Boston Globe

From artists to spies, more going wiki on Web - The Boston Globe:
"Jamaica Plain artists Ravi Jain and Sonia Targontsidis , have launched Wiki-Cake, which they called an online experiment in collective cake-baking. 'It's kind of like picking out your wedding cake, only with a lot of people,' Targontsidis said."
What's ironic is that Jain's Wikake wiki was deleted from Wikipedia and the collaborative cake making is happening on a blog.
"We're just really trying to embrace new media, and we've been fascinated with wikis the past few months," said Jain.
I applaud my friend Ravi's artistic look into the collaborative nature of wiki's but question whether the Globe makes it clear that there isn't a real wiki involved in the cake making, just a virtual artistic wiki happening in real space.

Does it mater?

It would have been really nice if the Globe gave a link to Ravi and Sonia's Wikaklog blog.

The Boston Globe continues to write about websites without linking to them. It's not neighborly.

Here's a link to Dan Bricklin's WikiCalc which also didn't get a link in the article.

How many times do I have to make blog posts about the Boston Globe not taking the time to link to websites?

Message to Boston Globe writers:

When you write an article about a website, blog or wiki, include the URL in the story. The Globe's online system will automatically recognize it as a link and make it clickable.


I'd comment on the article, but the Globe website does not allow comments.

I emailed the author.

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