Monday, November 20, 2006

Presidential $1 Coin has a Number!

Preidential Dollar Coins
The Presidential Profiles $1 Coin Program is going to feature images of the US presidents in the order they served. Kinda like the State Quarter program.

The BIG NEWS is that the coin is going to have a NUMBER on it!

Here's what the reverse is going to look like:
Dollar Coin
Presidential $1 Coin Act.

Yay! Numbers on the coinage.

Maybe my Change for Change Campaign can be retired?

Hopefully numbers will start appearing on all US coinage now.


  1. When, oh when, will this country start using dollar coins?! Dollar coins AND two-dollar bills!

    Think how many times you buy something and you use two single dollars. Heck, I just bought a cup of coffee from an unnamed massive New Englandy coffee chain that cost $1.85. All that extra effort to whip out that extra bill when I could have used a two! (I know that the two is still in circulation, I'm merely bemoaning it's low profile).

  2. I actually prefer the idea of doing away with money altogether and moving towards the use of debit/credit/cash cards.

  3. Subcutaneous president-themed microchip!