Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Podcast Subscription via Cellphone is no accident

Nokia - Podcasting - Software - Nokia Nseries.
I am downloading the most recent Accident Hash podcast right now to my Nokia N93 cell phone over WiFi using the Nokia Podcasting application, after susbscribing via RSS.

Accident Hash on a Cellphone
Actually using a cell phone to subscribe to and download a podcast is exciting.

Video is next.

The Rey Brothers on a cellphone
Watching the Rey Brothers. ;-)

Standard Nokia Disclaimer applies.


  1. This sounds like a good wowee zowee moment for the presentation tomorrow.

  2. Another reason why I must have this phone.

  3. From the N93 website:

    ""The RealPlayer application supports streaming content, such as radio and music videos. Formats supported by RealPlayer include MPEG-4, MP4 (not streaming), 3GP, RV, RA, AAC, AMR, and Midi. RealPlayer does not necessarily support all variations of a media file format.""