Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sue Borat

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  • They claim film-makers lied to them about the true nature of the project, which they believed would be a documentary about their hardship, rather than a comedy mocking their poverty and isolation.
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  • The lawsuit claims that in October, 2005, a production crew took the students to a bar to drink and "loosen up" before participating in what they were told would be a documentary to be shown outside of the United States.
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  • "All people know Sacha Baron Cohen imitate only me," Cagri recently fumed via email. "He is stealing my character and giving bad message to USA people." Cagri, who's been struggling to start a career in show business ever since his boom-era glory days, sa
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  1. Beezer12:18 AM

    Sorry to disagree, but 'Borat' was the worst film I've ever seen! Seriously. I have a great sense of humor, but this movie simply crossed the line.

    Wasted $8 to watch my country and my gender totally disrespected. The constant onslaught of bathroom antics, references to masterbation and perverted sexual humor was downright nauseating.

    All the crassness is now being excused because Sacha Baron Cohen was supposedly "making a deep statement about society"? If Sacha had some deep socio-political message, it could have been wrapped in a more intelligent package.
    Any 6th grader with a dirty mind could have made this film.

    Perhaps Sacha's biggest statement of all is to make a totally crappy movie, disrespecting several ethnic groups and Americans nominate it for an Academy Award.

    Jokes on us, folks.