Sunday, November 12, 2006

Video: Imogen Heap at Avalon

Imogen Heap at Avalon Boston 11/11/06:
"Here's a brief moment of Imogen Heap in concert at Avalon Boston 11/11/06.

I was stopped from taking any more photos or video. At least 25 more people were shooting photos and video around me.

As Chuck Olsen says:
That's what fans do. The genie is out of the bottle. The point is to capture and share fleeting moments."
When I went to buy Carol a white wine at the bar, the bar tender said, "You don't want to buy white wine here, it's terrble."

When we went up stairs to check out the view and stopped in the aisle for a second, the bouncer said, "Keep moving, you can't stand here." He said it in a Homeland Security type of way which assumed we were guilty of an offense much greater than stopping in the aisle for a moment.

When I was shooting this video, the bouncer told me to shut off the camera and if I took it out again I would be removed from the premises.

I guess he wasn't aware of Imogen's web site where it says, "we'd love to see your cameraphone pics and video clips of YOUR tour experiences! Why not post photos or video clips of Immi performing?"

There is a big disconnect here.

I won't be going back to Avalon any time soon.

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