Thursday, November 02, 2006

WiFi Revolution at Logan

FCC shoots down Logan Airport's ban on independent WiFi services - The Boston Globe:
"A two-year effort by Logan International Airport officials to shut down private alternatives to the airport's $8-a-day wireless Internet service was decisively rejected yesterday by federal regulators, who blasted airport officials for raising bogus legal and technological arguments.

'Today we strike a victory for the WiFi revolution in the cradle of the American Revolution,' FCC commissioner Jonathan S. Adelstein said in a prepared statement. Evoking more Revolutionary War symbols, he added: 'The WiFi movement embodies the spirit of American freedom, and in our action we say 'Don't tread on me.' '"

Good job FCC.

Now let's get on to business.

Allow your home subscribers to log into your Logan WiFi service at no extra charge.

Set up free WiFi at your terminal.

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