Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Broadcasting Live from Cellphone to the Web

Broadcasting Live from Cellphone to the Web - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

I can't believe I just did a live broadcast from my Nokia N93 over WiFi to the web. This is the future. Amazing.

Using the ComVu PocketCaster software I broadcast live audio and video from the secondary video camera to the web. I almost can't believe I just did it. But we have video to prove it. So it must have been real.

Here's the video from The future.

Here's my Personal Cellphone Webcast page where I also have a second video recorded with what ComVu calls the back cam, it's the bigger one on the side of the N93.


  1. wow, that is cool. Was there much of a delay?

  2. This warrants a WICKED AWESOME.

    I started playing as well: Not sLop: ComVu - Mobile Broadcasting and Double Wow..

    What happens when this type of thing combines with Stickam?

  3. There was a delay. ComVu is going to be at VON in San Jose so I'll be able to check it out some more in two weeks.