Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lonelygirl15 at SXSW

Lonelygirl15: The Human Ransom.

Three features of the LonleyGirl15 since it was discovered as fiction.

1. Video filmed by characters, and using found footage.

2. Fan Participation. Solving puzzles to help characters move story along.

3. Fan created video. Fans follow the story and take on fictional characters to participate in the story.

Lonelygirl15 Case Study

Product Placement
If they are using products they have to be real products, not water in a bottle labeled 'water' like they do on sitcoms.

Looking to syndicate on other platforms like Joost, Veoh, etc, but they have to monetize the video. Takes time to upload everywhere. Want to drive people back to the website. You'll only get video on the other sites, all the interactivity and forums are only available on the lonelygirl15 website.

35,000 people tried to get on the first chat on userplance that had a 100 room limit. So 10 rooms were created and the cahracters couldn't even get in the chat rooms to chat with viewers. Ha. Funny.

Production Values
They used a desk lamp and a window to get the lighting right in the beginning. Ha ha. The cameras will match the cameras that the characters would have in real life.

Movie Production
They are making a movie this year and planning on a lonelygirl15 movie in the future.

After the Panel
After the panel I went up and talked with each of the guys. They were all familiar with my videos.

Miles Beckett said that my videoblog was one of those that inspired him to create Lonelygirl15.


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  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Best panel at SXSW interactive ever. EVER! @omegabroadcast