Friday, March 09, 2007

Joe Lateshow Cartoon

Hunting Season is Over

My friend Phil Chumworth Johnson, who I used to be a writer for Jay Leno with, is the comic brain behind the funny words on the computer screen at Joe Lateshow.

It's like Chris Pirillo became funnier.

Nice drawings Brad Fitz Fitzpatrick. I liked you ever since you drew a cartoon of my mom.


  1. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Dear Steve,

    Thanks so much for the nice mention and the link to my site.

    However, as a point of clarification, please note that my name is "Joe Lateshow" - Lateshow is one word, no capital "S". Please update at your convenience. Don't force me to get my bloodsucking, godless lawyers involved.

    Of course, the name Lateshow derives from "O'Lateshow," which is what it was in the old world. But my grandpa shortened it for obvious reasons.

    Thanks again,