Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I left a comment on Dave's post about twitter, The future of Twitter?:
Hi Dave,
I resisted Twitter for a long time. In fact I sent Chris Brogan a text message to tell him I was getting on a train. I didn't get it.

Now I do.

It's like the IRC backchannel at a conference. There's value in it to enhance the presentation. But if you aren't there to see how it works, you might not get it.

A lot of people got it this week at SXSW.

It's like an extension of Podtech's Bloghaus. In that case you knew where all the vloggers were going to be.

With twitter, you could jack into the net, join the borg mind, and see what was happening all around you.

Scott Beale was at the Yahoo party, we followed, then he moved on and we followed...

Without twitter a lot of people would have been lost.

I also used it to see what session at SXSW to go to... Chusk Olsen was sitting in a Bill Paxton session, I went there...

Chuck was in the politics session.. ahhh... I saw where he was and moved over to sit there...

It's very cool.
Now unplugging...


  1. Anonymous2:49 AM

    Problem is, now that everyone left (minus a very small handful, it's usefullness just tanked. Was impossible to get an address and those left behind hardly checked it. I need that backchannel with me and to be useful like it was. :/