Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mike Hudack's Rules for Video Sharing Sites

I'm all in favor of sharing under the CC license. But this is a
complete violation. has all my videos and brands them with their logo.

No link back to my page, or to the permalink of this post.

They are violating the CC license by not displaying the same license I
have on my site.

It's all wrong.

If you want to display my video on your site, please follow these rules. If you have a question, ask. Thanks.

Mike is on the case. He's going to share Video Vertigo: Video Aggregation Best Practices with them.


  1. Update from via Roxanne:

    "I understand the importance of tracking views and data. We will be soon releasing a tool for publishers like yourself to get direct visibility to your feed and titles performance through our service. I will let you know when it is available. In the meantime, I'd be happy to pass along any data we had already gathered (granted we have only been public for a few days).

    I have passed your feedback to our product group and will be implementing changes as soon as we can. If you visit the site you should see that the watermark in the player has already been removed.

    I am also recommending a clear link in the player area titled "Visit this publisher's website" or something similar, among other changes to provide clear information about the content owner and rights.

    Any additional feedback you can provide would be greatly appreciated. "

  2. Update:

    They have removed the branding from the video and added a link back to the website.

    They still don't link to the permalink of the post and they don't
    display the CC license that's embedded in my RSS feed.