Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The CNN - YouTube Debates: No Comment

The first The CNN - YouTube debate is happening on July 23rd in Charleston, South Carolina with the Democratic candidates. Citizens have been able to upload video questions to YouTube since June 14.

So far there are only 244 videos.

Why is that?

One thing that interests me is the fact that the only way to go watch the videos is to click on the Submit Your Question button on the YouTube Presidential Debates page.

Once there, you are presented with an interface that is crippled.

You'll notice that there is no place to leave comments and no rating system is visible.

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  1. Anonymous6:02 PM

    I think it is so interesting to see how much the presidential debate this year has changed from the previous election. Very web 2.0/internet based. It's fun to speculate how much our world will change within another 4-5 years.