Thursday, June 07, 2007

FCC Rules Black Out On the Lot

FCC Rules Black Out On the Lot - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

When I went to watch a recorded episode of 'On The Lot' on my Comcast DVR, I got this message from the FCC.
Due to FCC rules, this program has been blacked out. Please tune to channel 811 WNAC for Fox HD programming
This message doesn't help me when I'm recording a show in my DVR. It's weird because the message came up about 6 minutes in, and then stayed on the screen for about 5 or 6 minutes.

What FCC rule could have blacked out this show?

Did you see it?


  1. I'll check my NYC TWC DVR tonight to see if they also blocked out the recording -- I'm very curious about this.

    'On the Lot' is pretty bad television, yet I've been watching because I'm fascinated with the trials of young directors trying to break into Hollywood.

    I feel bad because the contestants are clearly the victims of Fox reality TV monster. I had friends that suggested I submit my work to their casting call, but as someone that's worked in reality TV production I knew that I'd be putting myself up for humiliation.

    This show is not about filmmaking. It's about ridiculing passionate young creative people for our entertainment.

    And yet, I've scheduled my DVR to capture every episode. Sigh.

    Will you be at Pixelodeon?

  2. Hi André,

    I friend says it looks like it was just a mistake.

    I'm not going to be there, but will be there in spirit since I curated the comedy section.