Friday, June 29, 2007

Next New TV

Herb Scannell of Next New Networks summarizes his speech from the OMMA conference, “New TV Changes the Game vs. Video Changes The Game”:
“New TV Changes the Game vs. Video Changes The Game” cause video is “here today, gone today”, and with “TV”, shows change but “networks” last forever. Sent love to Om Malick’s blog “New Tee Vee”, a fave of mine, and inspiration for language I liked and that term was more in spirit with what we want to accomplish at Next New: borrow the good practices of TV—it’s dependable unlike video that just happens, it’s branded so you know what you’re getting, and it’s consistent and reliable but not predictable—and marry it to what people expect from the internet and take advantage of its’ functionality. That’s our “New TV”. On the latter point about the internet, our new TV follows 3 rules that we live by:
1) be real and authentic vs. slick and over authoritative. That is the aesthetic of the web and new TV vs. “Old TV” and what Josh Marshall does on Veracifier is an example citing his visit to Colbert as being evidence of this.

2) community and conversation are integral to our new TV—it’s a sublety but we don’t so much make TV for audiences as we make shows WITH audiences citing how VOD Cars, Channel Frederator and Threadbanger and others and invite audiences to contribute and that serves as catalyst for many of our shows.

3) Finally, audiences want their new TV where they are—on their blogs, profiles, community sites so we embrace it and encourage it and invite marketers to join us.
Great points.

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