Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jim Long Videoblogs Around the World

The Daily Nightly - Around-the-world with the SecDef.

My friend, NBC News cameraman Jim Long, videoblogs from his trip around the world with the Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

Jim has been twittering to give us an insude look at how news is produced for TV and now he's videoblogging on MSNBC's The Daily Nightly blog.

This is one of the best adoption's of videoblogging I've seen by a major US news organization.

It's real, and it's Jim! Yay!

Part 2 of 'Jim Long Videoblogs Around the World' is here.

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  1. Steve the funny thing about Twitter is that I felt like you and all my Twitter buds were there with me all the way! that's what makes social media, well...social. Very cool!