Saturday, June 23, 2007

Boston Globe Still Doesn't Link to Websites

Fed up, 'Sopranos' fans fill in the black - The Boston Globe:
Within hours of the "Sopranos" finale, fans logged into YouTube to swap theories about its hidden meanings. Many argued that Tony had died. Others proposed that, like the ending of the "Newhart," the final episode had all been one of Tony's dream sequences.

But most agreed on one point: Despite its ambiguity, the finale had become instantly iconic. In one YouTube video, a "Sopranos" fan presented clips from famous films as though they had been directed by David Chase. In the "Gone With the Wind" segment, Rhett turns to Scarlett and says, "Frankly my dear. . ." And then the screen goes black.
How many times to I have to blog about this?

Once again, in an article that is all about YouTube videos, the Boston Globe does not provide link to any of them.

It's just inexcusable.

I am fed up.

If you have links to any of the YouTube videos mentioned in the article, please post them in the comments.

I'm going back to finish my breakfast.

YouTube Search: Sopranos
YouTube Search: Sopranos Ending
YouTube Search: Sopranos Spoof


  1. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Hey Steve -
    We have experienced similar frusturations. We still need to catch up asap!


  2. Hey Steve...
    I agree completely.
    What I'm noticing is a shift in large websites who used to be very much against linking externally... to a realization that it lowers their value to be self-contained (and thus self-limited).
    Both and have now shifting gears. Eventually boston globe will have to come to the same realization... with rise of user-generated sites like bostonnow.