Saturday, June 30, 2007

Eventstreaming: The Seed Of A Revolution

Duncan Riley at TechCrunch reports on what happened yesterday during the iPhone launch, and what it means for the future of live streaming, Eventstreaming: The Seed Of A Revolution:
"Eventstreaming is the missing link in Web 2.0’s challenge to network television."

iphone_palo_alto - Originally uploaded on flickr by reallyrocketscience.

Here are some of my real time observations that I posted to twitter from yesterday:
"This is just an indication of the future of news reporting"

"Streaming video live is history repeating. radio/tv <-> web audio/web video. People are experimenting now. Give it time..."

"iJustine is calling her mom on an iPhone and I'm watching it LIVE "The iPhone is awesome""

" Mogulus joins USTREAM.TV reporting about iPhone from the street today. 336 viewers right now. "
Whether or not you cared about the iPhone launch itself, the live streamers made it feel like you were there. In addition to that, if the live streamers were paying attention to their chat rooms, you could participate in the event remotely.

JAJAH Users Around The World - Originally uploaded on flickr by jajah.

Robin Good joined the conversation via video from Italy.

Apple Store!# - Originally uploaded on flickr by ijustine.

I had drinks with iJustine and her frineds last night.

Truly participatory and a conversation.


  1. Steve, Truly remarkable how this one event has generated so much buzz (Going Mental for iPhone). But how in the world would we be able to focus on a single event when there are 10 million streams about it from 10 million people? What will be the real-time UI that allows us to sort it all out? (I envision scenes from Minority Report).

  2. Hi Roy,
    That's a problem I'd love to have. it's very similar to blogging. There are millions of blogs. How do you choose which ones to read?

    I subscribe to some, find some from links on other blogs, get links in email, and see links from friends on twitter.

    Same with video. How do you choose what to watch. I've been doing research on this for a new video start up and have found that it's social.

    One thing that stands out for me is people. I subscribe to people. So yeaterday, I was watching streams from my friends, Robert Scoble, Robin Good and iJustine. There might have been others, but those are the ones I chose to follow since I know them.

    I also think there will be networks to help sort through through it all. Stay tuned. :-)

  3. Steve,

    We at Ustream totally agree that the issue of discovering what you want to watch out of potentially millions of live streams is one of the fundamental challenges of the live streaming market.

    We have been thinking about this issue quite a bit, and believe that our solution will be core to our business strategy. Stay tuned for more details as we roll out.

    --Chris Yeh (Ustream CEO)

  4. Steve,

    We at Ustream totally agree that the issue of discovering what you want to watch from millions of live streams is a fundamental challenge and opportunity for the live streaming market.

    We've spent a lot of time thinking about this issue, and believe that the solutions that we'll implement will be core to our business strategy.

    Stay tuned for more details as we roll them out.

    --Chris Yeh (Ustream CEO)

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