Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Duckie View of Boston Harbor

Jason Feifer reports on the legal batle between Boston's two 'duck tour' compamies, Boston Magazine: Duck, Duck Lawsuit!:
"With a new competitor roiling the waters, the business of toting around boatloads of quack-happy tourists has turned downright cutthroat. And the legal fight’s not the half of it."
Feifer ends the article with this about the new tour boat operation:
...the route is solid, the Hydra-Terras are exciting, the views from the harbor beat those from the Charles—but chooses instead to squabble over naming rights, practically insistent on not building an identity of his own.
I never would have considered taking this new duck tour until reading this article. Jason makes a brilliant point. I'm going to take that new tour and report back.

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