Sunday, August 26, 2007

Problems with my MacBook Pro

Charles and MacBook Pro

I picked up my MacBook Pro with it's second new motherboard on Friday. The previous new motherboard was installed in July. The last time I lost my hard drive too.

I'm getting an external USB drive and am going to back everything up with Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper.

That'll give me a total backup of everything.

Further reading:
The State of Backup and Cloning Tools under Mac OS X.

Problem tracking since Friday:

Photoshop - Hang
Firefox - Hang
Empty Trash - Hang
No Internet activity - Cable Modem reboot
Mac- Hard Reset/Reboot
No External drives in Finder
Will not power on

Your thoughts on PowerBook backup solutions? Thanks.

Replies I got on twiter:

joshpaul - plan on FW to take advantage of TimeMachine in the future

Lan Bui - Firewire is much faster for backups. I use SuperDuper! well worth the money!

David Weinberger - backupo to firewire, if only because it has a cooler name. (also, faster transfer rates, last time i looked)



  1. I use SuperDuper on a dedicated external HD. Every week I do an incremental scheduled backup. Works like a charm and worth the $$s.

    I can't tell you how many times I've gone over to the backup to bring back some file i've messed up.

  2. Hi Steve:

    I have had excellent results for many years with Retrospect Desktop 6.1; $129 in a boxed version, $119 if you buy online and download it.

    I setup a 'backup set' and create a script to backup everything. Don't use compression -- it can take additional days to do the full backup.

    I recommend buying a triple interface drive from Western Digital (My Book) or G-Tech (G-Drive) and using the Firewire 800 cable.

    I have had very poor results in the past two years with La Cie D2 and Porsche drives; the drives have failed repeatedly, and their power supplies cause apparent drive failures.