Monday, August 27, 2007

SuperDuper Backup

Reading blog posts prior to starting the backup:

WD My Book Premium 500GB:
Overall so far it made a good first impression on me and based on this I might get on of the terrabyte drives in the future to store our ever expanding itunes and iphoto libraries. Its basically done what I would expect a hard disk to do, do its job quietly and efficiently without being a nuisance.
The FireWire was important so that I can boot from the disk. MyBooks come formatted as FAT32 disks, which isn’t a problem for OS X to read, but you have to reformat as Mac OS Extended if you want to use SuperDuper! So I reformatted and also created two partitions so that I can use part of the disk as scratch space for video editing. Once that was done, I fired up SuperDuper!, and made a full backup of the iMac last night.
Here we go...

SuperDuper Copy Now

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