Monday, August 20, 2007

LOST: FCP Project

Apple - Support - Discussions - Project File Never Saved ...:
"I worked on a project all morning, saving as I went along, and when I was ready to export a QuickTime movie, I duplicated the Sequence so I'd have a backup. Sequence 2 was blank with no edits in it. I went back to Sequence 1 and it was also now empty. I tried to revert, and went to all the Autosave copies, but all of them were blank with nothing in the timeline. So although I was pressing command S all morning and my project had a file name in the Browser window. no project file on my disk was ever saved and all my edits were lost."
Final Cut Pro has been very stable and reliable for a long time. Today's experience shakes my faith in the current version.

I hope to gain some insight from the discussion over on the Appple support site.

The authorities have been notified.


  1. what version of FCP do you have?

    hmmm.. interesting problem you had..

    did you accidentally have 2 projects open & is overwrited the other project?

  2. FCP 5.1.4

    Nope. Just one version of hte project was open.

  3. Steve, keep us posted... I'd love to learn what happened and how to avoid it.