Friday, August 03, 2007

Irony: Globe in A Box

From via Huffington Post

The Boston Globe's Wesley Morris can't say dick but he can say penis in his review of Andy Samberg's new movie, Stuntman comedy stints on story:
"Samberg, Taccone, and 'Hot Rod' director Akiva Schaffer are part of a short-filmmaking comedy trio called the Lonely Island, and Taccone and Schaffer also write for 'SNL.' Samberg starred in two of their heavily forwarded clips. The funnier and more popular of them, a song that first appeared last year on 'SNL,' deserves a spot on the Mount Rushmore of viral video. It has an unprintable title and, in the style of certain ludicrously explicit R&B songs from the early 1990s, offered instructions for how to gift-wrap your penis for the woman in your life."
That's ironic.

And as always, Morris and the Globe can't take the time to link to Samberg's Dick in a Box video, instead making those who haven't seen it resort to using Google to find it. For those of you who want to see it, here you go:

YouTube Video: Dick in a Box.

Morris also thinks that Dick in a Box was "funnier and more popular" than the unnamed Lazy Sunday.

Dick in a Box shows up in the Videmeter Top 100 all time videos at #8 with 30,208,673 views.

Here's a link to Lonely Island too.

Chip Rowe writes, why I love cuss words:
My favorite example of prudery has to be when Men's Health — a magazine read entirely by people with penises — quoted Robin Williams explaining how to save a stand-up routine. If all else fails, he said, "go for the d—- joke." Can you believe that? A men's magazine afraid of the word dick.


  1. I suppose that at least makes sense; "penis" is the appropriate term for one's penis, while "dick" is crudeish slang. I can see the logic behind permitting the medical term but not the slang term.

    But still, AP style says that any degree of profanity is fine, provided it's in a quote or a reference and it adds to the story. This seems to be a case where you'd think quality reporting would aim to, I dunno, tell you the accurate name of the song.

    But what I wonder is why they'll say "box" but not "dick." They're about equally crude terms for parts of the reproductive anatomy!

  2. language rules annoy me. george carlin had a bit about curses and how it's ok to bleep out the actual sound of the word on tv, but you can still the character's lips move and form the word. or you can hear the very beginning and very end of the curse, but they blank out the middle.

    so the concept of the word is still there, but you can't actually hear the whole thing, as if it might hurt someone more than the concept.

    just stupid, stupid stuff.