Tuesday, August 28, 2007

MyBook is Back

I just plugged in my GL/2 into the LaCie to see if I could get Log and Capture working and the system came up and said that I removed a device, the LaCie.

So I powered it down and unplugged it.

Since it was unplugged, I decided to plug in the MyBook to see if the system would recognize it. Last night I installed the MyBook Button Manager Software. Maybe that would make a difference?

Hey look. My backup drive is there.

Next test, see if it boots.

But first I need to safely remove the drive.

Safe Shutdown
- Press Power Button Once ( LED turns off )
- Drive has been dismounted from the desktop


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  1. Just got this from support:

    Response (John E.) 08/28/2007 08:14 AM
    Dear steve,

    Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Service and Support.

    Is the drive showing up in the Disk Utility? Are you hooking up your external hard drive to a USB/FireWire hub? It is always recommended that you plug your external hard drive directly into your computer. Furthermore, are you plugging your external hard drive's A/C adapter into a power strip or directly into a wall socket? If you are using a power strip or battery backup then we recommend that you connect your hard drive directly into a wall socket. In the past, we have seen several customers who have had issues using power strips and battery backup devices.

    Have you performed the latest operating system and firmware updates? Have you ran First Aid on all of your hard drives? Have you tried connecting your external hard drive's USB/FireWire cable into a different port on your computer? When connected to a different port, do you have the same problem? Have you tried a different USB/FireWire cable? Are you experiencing any other problems with USB/FireWire devices on your computer? If you are connecting the drive via USB, have you tried connecting via FireWire (if available)? Have you tried unplugging all USB/FireWire devices from your computer, except for your USB mouse and keyboard? Sometimes other USB/FireWire devices can conflict with the drive. Have you tried the external hard drive on a different computer and does it have the same problems?

    Please test the drive with our Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows program. I'm sorry, there is not a Mac version available. This file can be downloaded from and installed into your Windows Operating System. You can then run this program to test the hard drive for errors. If errors are detected, this software may be able to repair the drive. If no errors are detected, then this drive is functioning correctly.

    Please see the link(s) below for related information from our online knowledge base.

    Title: Where to download WD software, utilities, and drivers.

    Title: How to test a drive for problems using Windows Data Lifeguard Diagnostics.

    Title: Diagnostic error codes from Data Lifeguard Tools.

    If the error says to replace the drive, please visit the links below for data recovery and drive replacement options.

    Title: How can I repair my drive, recover data on my drive, or obtain a circuit board?

    Title: What online warranty services are available.

    Title: How can I replace a product under warranty?

    Title: How can I check the warranty of my drive?

    John E.
    Western Digital Service and Support