Sunday, August 19, 2007

Funny Videos from Pixelodeon

Pixelodeon - Annual Independent Video Festival.

Here are my video selections from the session at Pixelodeon that I curated:

I Watched, I Laughed, I Vlogged: A collection of comedy I've discovered while producing Vlog Soup.

Since 2005, Steve Garfield has been finding great videos on the web and sharing them on his videoblog, Vlog Soup.

My videos, along with all the other festival selections and presentations are posted at the Pixelodeon website.

Jerry and Orrin Zucker
It's JerryTime!

Episode 6: The Karate Date

Episode 7: the Brute


The secret truths of cat leashes, REVEALED! by Clint M Chilcott

Episode 19 - Jim Dupree: HDTV Enthusiast

Jim Dupree is enthusiastic about HDTV.

Dan Misener as Jim Dupree
Hooray for Funn!

The Hockey Song
My Videoblog by Jack Selby

my videoblog 1 and 3
God, Inc.

Episode 1
Lip Dubbing: Crazy

Jakob Lodwick
Quiet Library

MySpace Patrol

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