Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Vlog Soup - Galacticast: Robo Jew

Vlog Soup - Galacticast: Robo Jew
Vlog Soup: Vlog Soup - Galacticast: Robo Jew.

This episode of Vlog Soup features the Sci-Fi comedy parody Galacticast. My friends Casey and Rudy kick it off with the first episode of Season 2, Robo Jew vs. the Giant Nazi Women of the SS. Funny with one cringe worthy moment. We ask two locals what they think. Caitlin Hennessy, Local Irish Woman Zalman Ben Schultz, Local Jewish Man Watch the full episode at "It's been part of my lifelong job to make the world laugh at Adolf Hitler." -- Mel Brooks See how many pop culture refernces you can find in this episode.

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