Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bella Luna has a New Menu

Carol and I went to a bloggers lounge at Bella Luna in JP tonight. They invited local bloggers to meet their new chef and sample the new menu. We also enjoyed free drinks.

I had a nice Pinotage. Take that Gary Vaynerchuck!

Here's the new menu:

Bella Luna New Menu

Megan Mainzer-Ramirez, Assistant General Manager of Bella Luna Restaurant, and Carol Downs, co-owner of Bella Luna and Milky Way, show off their new menu at last nights Bloggers Lounge, which attracted bloggers from around Boston to the Jamaica Plain eatery.

A good photographer always looks for a new angle for a photo. I looked up:

Bells Luna Star

Then I looked down:

Bella Luna Bloggers

This was not your average group of bloggers. There's co-owner Kathie Mainzer, bottom right.

I was happy to meet some new people including:

Chelsea Adams and Susie Anderson of We Are Not Martha...

Here's Susie eating a Portabella Black Bean Slider:

Susie Eats a Portabella Black Bean Slider at Bella Luna

I also met:

Fang Friends and Cheap thrills Boston and a bunch of other who are going to email me...

Also nice to see friends Brad of Bradleys Almanac and Mike Ball of Mass Marrier.

I suggested to the Bella Luna owners that they start up a blog to keep us informed on going on at the restaurant and also to keep us up to date on what's happening at the new location. They are on flickr at MilkywayJP.

If you were there, or have a comment about Bella Luna, leave a comment.


  1. Good idea suggesting they start a blog to keep us updated. Good to meet you!

  2. Haha that is one fabulous picture of me stuffing my face.

    Great meeting you! The event was such a good time.


  3. We will definitely work on setting up a Bella Blog! I feel like I've discovered a new world...thanks for coming everyone,
    Kathie Mainzer

  4. Hi Kathie,

    That's great. Looking forward to it.

    Thanks for a nice time. See you at the reataurant.

  5. Again, I have nothing cogent to add. I had a great time and wish I would've met Bradley...

    If saying "You rock, Steve!" is wrong, I don't want to be right.