Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Peter Cashmore, Me and StreetAttack's Photobooth Pic

0808_Yoono_070, originally uploaded by krisireland.

Thanks Peter for a great Mashable event in Boston.

I liked seeing how StreetAttack put together a Photobooth that immediately printed out photos and allowed you to email them. Very nice job. Photobooths are cool.

There was a great crowd at The Roxy. People sure do love having their pictures taken.

I enjoyed talking with a lot of friends and meeting new people.

Fun moment: Stephanie Frasco was doing a presentation and I interrupted her with "You're that YouTube Girl!" Ha! Oh we laughed at that. Here's her YouTube channel, AskFrasco. We met online on Jeff Pulvers show. :-)


  1. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Hey Steve!

    This is fantastic. I work for a local Boston design firm and we partner with Street Attack Boston on various projects. It just so happens that the photo booth is one of our projects! Im glad you and so many others had lots of fun with it.

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