Friday, August 15, 2008

Ear Pieced Daughter

Nalts' daughter got her ears pierced, but Nalts didn't know about beforehand. They made a video about it.

He writes about it here: Statistics and Ethnography of YouTube

Reminds me of videos that Michael Verdi takes with his girls. Here's one from November when the girls weren't too happy.

Watch the video and read the discussion over on his blog, Because Why Not?.

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  1. Glad someone else noticed this video, because these ear rings (and my reaction) certainly started a chain reaction in the Nalts house. But nothing like the drama poor Verdi had to face with his post. You gotta love folks that critique your parenting virtually. Like we all need an eMother-in-Law (mine, by the way, is cool- she even let me prank her with a fake lotto ticket).