Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dianne Wilkerson Must Be Defeated

VOTE Sonia Chang-Diaz

Yvonne Abraham writes in today's Sunday Boston Globe, Asking more of a senator:
"In a month, voters will go to the polls to vote in the Democratic primary contest between Wilkerson and Sonia Chang Diaz, who gave the incumbent a scare two years ago. And Wilkerson is in trouble again: Earlier this month, she agreed to pay a $10,000 fine for yet more campaign finance violations, some as recent as last year. Under the agreement, Attorney General Martha Coakley will now monitor Wilkerson as if she were an errant child, requiring her to file monthly campaign finance reports. Coakley as good as said the senator cannot be trusted.

So will those voters finally conclude that their senator is beset by a distressing and pathological self-destructiveness?

Not likely."
Please VOTE for Sonia Chang-Diaz in the Tuesday September 16th Primary. THAT election is going to decide this race.

It's time for a change.

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  1. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Dianne Wilkerson clings to that senate seat like a barnicle to a ship's hull. The district's apparent lack of organization and sophistication will allow the senator to remain. And speaking of Wilkerson's unseemly behavior, don't forget her ties to the attorney representing the family of Milena(??sic) DeVallier(??sic). Anyway,

  2. Polls from earlier in the year suggest that Wilkerson is finally very, very weak - just go read the South End News for their article on Sonia.

    Also, Mike Ball and I penned our own opinion piece on this, which appeared in the most recent edition of Bay Windows. I'm glad to see Yvonne writing about this subject though. I just wish she'd realize that the GLBT community in Wilkerson's district did not support Wilkerson last time around - I don't think Wilkerson's propped up efforts will lead to a better result within the community this time either. Her most recent scandal will likely assure that.

    As great as MassEquality is, people shouldn't assume that they are always reflective of the thoughts and opinions in the glbt community.