Monday, August 04, 2008

Boston/Styx at Comcast Center 08/03/08

Last night I went to see Boston at the Comcast Center:


I got Free Tickets from the band. They'd seen my post about Tommy DeCarlo, and his story of how he went from working at Home Depot and singing along with Boston on his home Karaoke machine, to becoming a lead singer of the band. It's a great story.

Boston/Styx at Comcast Center 080308

The new lead singers are Michael Sweet and Tommy DeCarlo. Although they were both great, I missed Brad Delp. He's one of my all time favorite lead singers. He'd often play out locally with his Beatles tribute band, Beatlejuice.

I wish I could have brought in my camera to be able to get a shot like this one from Boston's website.

Boston: Michael Sweet and Tommy DeCarlo

I didn't know much about Michael Sweet, but while at the concert I was sending out text updates on twitter and video clips on Qik... As I was giving out updates on the action, I was learning more about both Styx, and Boston's Michael Sweet.

Boston asked for a link to Kimberly Dahme.

Might have even sold a few concert tickets for the reamaining stops on their tour:

Randy Matheson on Twitter

Opening Act - Styx:

Styx 08/03/2008

I was familiar with most of the songs. Lawrence Gowan rocked the keyboards. His keyboard was on a swivel base AND he played it backwards. Never seen that before.

Gowan reminded me of Alex Fletcher, the character Hugh Grant played in the movie Music and Lyrics. ;-)

Hugh Grant Music Video ~ Pop goes my heart

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