Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Newsweek: Streaming Video From Your Mobile Phone

Streaming Video From Your Mobile Phone: Broadcasting video direct from your cell:
"Steve Garfield, one of the Web's more beloved video bloggers and Qik beta tester, claims already to have 'scooped CNN.' During the New Hampshire primary, he stumbled into interviewing Republican presidential candidate Rep. Duncan Hunter, who happened to be on his way to a press conference. Garfield live-cast Hunter's news online (that he wasn't dropping out of the race, just yet) before anyone else. Of course it's not every day you bump into a congressman with news. Garfield has also recently streamed a live stroll along the beach because 'a lot of people I know are stuck in the middle of the country.' He's also shot footage from a concert by the rock band Boston, which hints at the latency of this technology. Boston's lawyers may or may not be thrilled to know that someone was broadcasting live from the audience. Still, the technology is far enough under the radar that it may come in handy not just for breaking news but also shooting video covertly, be it for good or ill."
Nice job by Brian Braiker on the story.

Boston's smart. Video clips are great promotion.

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  1. Looks like it's time to start another scrapbook!