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Speaking at Bentley University: Videoblogging & How Businesses use Social Media

I'll be speaking at Bentley University on THURSDAY MARCH 25th to Mark Frydenberg's class, #cs299, on videoblogging & how businesses use social media.

Bentley CS299

I'll be talking about my personal experiences, how companies are embracing casual video, how students can use video to get hired, and tools to put video on the web including live streaming from a cell phone, choosing a camera, lighting and sound, shooting video, editing, uploading and distribution, embedding and future developments including user lead video.

Watch live on THURSDAY March 25th at 11:20 am EST.

Bentley University Ustream account

Bentley University Ustream Show Page.

Watch the Archived Video:

The details of a lot of these topics are in my book Get Seen.

Get Video. Get It Online. Get Results.
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Class Blog: CS299-001 Spring 2010

Real time twitter notes from class by Brice Soucy, @bricesoucy11:

  • #CS299 from w/in the video , choose how you want it to proceed, user in charge of the experience

  • #CS299 Future: "user led video": VISIBLEGAINS, a person choosing how a video goes, means they are more engaged

  • #CS299 tubemogul -> upload once and distributes to a bunch of sites , include YT & blip , also track all stats

  • #CS299 Hosting, can use wordpress blog and paste url and will host YT vid, for series -> crosspost & Pro version w/ MP3 , & stats

  • #CS299 use music in videos you have the "rights" to use -> iodapromonet, link to artist so you can buy music, also, noted

  • #CS299: On YT you can track how interested people are in a video by whether they click away or not, way to make your videos better

  • #CS299 usus. use one light, but background light for well lgith, back light is behind or Sima light -> handcam KoDak Zi8

  • #CS299 use an "xshot" for different shots using a handcameras , any1 can send video in the iReport & producers put good stuff on

  • #CS299 interviews are less formal now as cameras are smaller w/out camera crews, use arms as a tripod or hold against solid surface

  • #CS299 Side Obs.: uses iPhone during presentation

  • #CS299 Be Timely: Curb Your Enthusiasm, got video up right away to get seen & get hits

  • #CS299 better video: get a microphone and tripod

  • #CS299 NECN did a series about SG's mom, older blogger, 84, keeps them connected and stimulated on the web

  • #CS299 therefore followers can direct what is happening with the video

  • #CS299 Mobile: , in NYC 2010 can post right to youtube from iPhone , huge breakthrough & sends tweet with YT w/ chat

  • #CS299 had to upload AVI to computer

  • #CS299 2005 snowstorm in NYC -

  • #CS299 publishers also liked it, -> SG is investor, can broadcast live from

  • #cs299 Tools to use: iPhone 3GS , used in NYC B&N for book signing, -> then can email, MMS, post to YT, then B&N decides to do for others

  • #CS299 or start a blog on a "niche" that you are interested in, can make connections

  • #CS299 Get Hired:HubSpot, made a blog "" -> have TV show on FRI @ 4, hired @ 140

  • #CS299 Chevy put an unedited 7sec vid on, now SG asks, what "value does professional video have?" -> place for both, casual & pro

  • #CS299 is Chevy embracing casual video, authentic and real -> 7 sec video, usu. want a long video with eq't and graphics and preroll

  • #CS299 Chevy cars to drive and made a vlog on peoples' experience driving , used a free site "unique" -> casual videos 5 secs to 1.07

  • #CS299 had phone to livestream a video w/ JF -> call him "stevegarfield" , 7 min vid

  • #CS299 moment that JF says "feel like he knows SG" from vlog, experiencing the power of vloging , then JF gets SG VIP tix

  • #CS299 SG sends in video comment to JF -> asked how to include the audience in the show , then met @ CES

  • #CS299 JF putting video on the blog but 2. most important to watch what people say about it

  • #CS299 knows Jimmy Fallon - 12/9/08: JF put up a vlog behind the scenes, said making a "new blog every night" -> making a new post, SG

  • #CS299 1/2005: had VloggerCon , met 70 people from group , like already knew each other -> powerful there are people behind it

  • #CS299 "video on the web is all about people" -> 1/1/04 first v-log as a new years resolution as a technical challenge, put html on web

  • #CS299 is useful to put video on the web, add. to YT, can do a series, YT can customize player too

  • #CS299 esp. important on twitterto own your name for a business, Platform -> leads to blog , vlog , youtube vids, etc. -> clear name to it

  • #CS299 : Get Seen : get a Platform to own your name on the web, rec. to buy your domain and buy it, grab it so you own it

  • #CS299 Steve Garfield guest speaker in class today@11:20 @stevegarfield

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