Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Alex Beam Once Again Writes About Something He Does Not Understand: Twitter

Alex Beam does not get twitter because he does not use it.

All a-Twitter? Not:
The pope doesn’t. The Dalai Lama does.

Jon Stewart doesn’t. Conan does.

I don’t.

I have never knowingly tweeted, and to my 18 loyal followers I say: Don’t wait up. The Globe maintains a Twitter feed for my columns which recently attracted this e-mail: “Fungie the Dolphin would like to follow your tweets.’’ Well, it’s a free country.
Same garbage he wrote in 2008, Twittering with excitement? Hardly:
Who really cares what I am doing, every hour of the day? Even I don't care, and I certainly don't have the energy to thumb-type little inanities on my cellphone
Commenter TT nails it and writes:
Alex Beam's entire view of Twitter seems to be based on following lackluster twittering politicians and his 1 tweet about turbulence (uh, no wonder he has only 18 followers). With that experience how can he really understand the value of this network? Can he really be informed enough to make a value judgment? If that is what is considered reporting today then no wonder the newspapers are losing money hand over fist to the internet. I'll let the rest of the Twittosphere describe what they value about Twitter, but I suggest that you dig into the medium and then write a real column.

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