Sunday, March 07, 2010

George Clooney: Nicest Guy at the Oscars 2010

I was a guest of Kodak on the Red Carpet at the Oscars 2010. We were there all day from 11:00 AM to 5:30 PM. George Clooney was THE ONLY person who came over to talk to us and sign autographs. Awesome!

Disclosure: Kodak Sent Me


  1. Awesome deal. Share the specifics... was there a limo, what was the hotel like, the food, etc.

    And what was Clooney like? What did you have him sign?

    I think his hair's a little too long, but I like him as an actor.

    Safe journey back!


  2. Hey Jeff,
    There were hundreds and hundreds of limos rolling up to the front of the Oscars enterance on Hollywood Blvd, right at hte corner of Hollywod and Highland.

    Red jacketed people were all lined up to help guests out of their limos and on with their jackets.

    We were in the first set of bleachers, and I was in Section A, Seat A, Row 1. Probably the BEST seat of all the 700 seats.

    I had a place to put my backpack and also had a railing to rest my webcam on for live streaming.

    I streamed with Qik on my iPhone and Ustream on my MacBook Pro. Also took photos with a Kodak supplied Z950 along with my Panasonic FX 37.

    The Z950 is larger than my FX 37 and I prefer a smaller size. Kodak has a new smaller camera called the Slice which I didn't get to try. Carol used the Kodak M1033 and got some great shots. I'll be posting them too.

    The hotel we were in is the Hilton Universal City. There's a Red line train right here and it cost $1.25 to take it to Hollywood and Vine. Very easy to get into the area.

    Kodak supplied (2) Krispy Creme donuts and drinks then a very nice boxed lunch which featured a nice cookie.

    I didn't have him sign anything because I think taking a photo or video is the new autograph. Don't you think my video is beeter than an autograph?

    Thanks for the comment.