Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Creating an Online Video Strategy

Kate Matsudaria writes an interesting article called Creating an Online Video Strategy over at SEOmoz.

She's got a lot of good points to think about when deciding where to host your video, including:
- Use descriptive files names.
- Make your audio clear
- Create a transcript
- Submit a video sitemap to Google

[ This is one I need to look into more at Google Webmaster Support ]
I'd like to comment on two of her points on YouTube quality and customization.

Kate says:
"YouTube compresses video to a lower quality, so you can offer an high definition or higher quality version on your site. "
This used to be the case, but now YouTube offers different versions of HD quality. Even her example of poor quality looks good to me. I'm impressed with the quality YouTube displays.

Watch this video in 720p HD:

She also says:
"Put the same video on both YouTube and your site.
Typically you would do this if you wanted to leverage the YouTube distribution channel, but you wanted something else that YouTube didn't offer - for example some other video providers offer customizable players, substantial analytics, subtitles, etc."
YouTube now offers customizable players, analytics and subtitling.

Customizable players
People have been doing some very creative customization of YouTube players.

Check this post on my Get Seen site by Jesse Luna, How To *Bling Out* Your YouTube Channel.

YouTube Insight does a nice job of providing additional statistics and the Hot Spots feature is a nice tool to gauge viewer interest.

You can add subtitles on YouTube.

I'm looking forward to reading more articles from Kate.

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  1. The car audio is crystal clear. Very impressive. Thanks for mentioning the YouTube Bling post. :) @JesseLuna