Saturday, December 08, 2001

Here are some random blogs that I found over at the new blog comments website SnorComments.

Homepage: 1. Where readers and writers discuss books...
Homepage: 2. Meu nome é Lígia
Homepage: 3. Sex: Not yet (joking. I'm a female)
Homepage: 4. Been here in London for almost 7 weeks now...
Homepage: 5. Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Freedom Bridge
Homepage: 6. i got a new computer
Homepage: 7. is currently unavailable
Homepage: 8. Finally, I got my very own cellphone
Homepage: 9. I saw Harry Potter again today, and, well, I didn't notice anything new.

Homepage: 11. it feels so refreshing to perspire from physical exertion.

Homepage: 13.
Homepage: 14.
Homepage: 15.
Homepage: 16.
Homepage: 17.

That should keep you busy. I've visited some of them and now think it would have been better to visit first, then decide if they deserve a link.

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