Friday, November 18, 2005

Steve Garfield mashes together vlogs

Robert Scoble writes: #49: Steve Garfield mashes together vlogs:
"Fun video log. Steve Garfield watches a ton of video blogs, mashes them together into what he calls Vlog Soup so you can see highlights of the best video blogs. Good way to keep in touch with what’s happening in this space. Warning, if you visit Steve’s vlog you’ll waste invest hours watching some really great videos."
Thanks Robert!

Another review just came in from
Could Steve & Carol be the new Regis & Cathy?

The Steve & Carol Show is just one of a series of programs put together by Steve Garfield over on his videoblog. In fact, so prolific is Steve's output, you could almost think of his as a one-man network channel, with chat shows, Talk Soup style vblog roundups, live events coverage and more.
Thanks. It's The Carol and Steve Show, and Kathie Lee left Regis years ago, now it's Kelly Ripa.

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