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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Boston Globe Making Slow Connection to Bloggers

Scott Helman writes in today's Globe, Romney making a fast connection with bloggers:
"Over cold cuts, cookies, and soft drinks, Governor Mitt Romney made his presidential pitch two Sundays ago to prominent Tennessee Republicans at the home of a newly elected state senator outside Nashville.

Romney's public schedule that day didn't list the event. Members of the mainstream press weren't invited.

But influential Nashville-area bloggers Bill Hobbs and Nathan Moore were, and both penned accounts Romney must have liked. Hobbs likened the governor to Ronald Reagan. Moore called Romney impressive and declared him 'a formidable candidate for the 2008 nomination.'

That Hobbs and Moore were asked to the private gathering illustrates a growing effort by Romney and his political team to cultivate a relationship with the conservative blogosphere as he prepares to enter the Republican primary, which is already being shaped as never before by countless bloggers, pundits, and other online opinion-makers."
Guess what?

No links to the bloggers, or links to the posts they wrote about meeting Romney.

Here are the links that the Boston Globe should have put in their article:

Bill Hobbs - Blog
Romney in Tennessee

Nathan Moore - Blog
Massachusetts Governor in Tennessee

Interesting comment over on Nathan Moore's blog:
"I live in Massachusetts, and will not be supporting this candidate for president for the following reasons..."

Rod Smith made this comment at 6:26 this morning. He knows how to use Google too.

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